What Are The Ingredients Of E Liquid?

Anyone who has recently switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes will have

found themselves browsing and buying e-liquid to refill their devices. They will probably also have found themselves wondering what it is that makes these substances so much more healthier than tobacco?

Cigarette smoke can contain up to 5,000 chemicals, many of which are dangerous to our health and some of which even cause cancer. E-liquid, on the other hand, contains just a handful of ingredients, most of which are already found in food and health items that we use regularly.

E-liquid Facts

The base of all e-liquids is made up of either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). The best e liquid will use a combination of both, to produce the smoothest and strongest vapor. Some people may find they are allergic to propylene glycol, in which case you can buy an e-liquid which is 100% vegetable glycerin. However, these e-liquids tend to be thicker and will produce a poorer quality vapor.

Then other ingredients are added to the base. First and foremost is nicotine, the addictive ingredient in tobacco. While it is not harmful to your health in itself, its addictive qualities mean that smokers will experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if they try to quit cold turkey. That is why most choose some sort of nicotine replacement therapy when they try to quit, such as patches, gum or taking up e-cigarettes instead.

Finally, the best e-liquid manufacturers will also add a flavor to their products. Vaping beginners often prefer a tobacco-flavored e-liquid, as this helps to recreate the sensation that they are smoking a cigarette. As time goes on, you may want to become a bit more adventurous and try some of the sweet flavors on offer, such as vanilla, strawberry, peach and even doughnuts.

Nicotine Levels in E-Liquid

Many of the best e-liquid brands and stores will offer vapers a wide range of products, both in terms of the different flavors and also different levels of nicotine. This is ideal for those who are using e-cigs to quit smoking, and who intend to also quit vaping at some point. Reducing the nicotine level over time will make it much easier to stop altogether.

Some e-liquids will have a high nicotine content — for example 12 mg of nicotine in a 35-ml bottle of e-liquid — whereas other brands will have no nicotine at all and are simply an enjoyable flavor to vape, with no addictive qualities at all.

Best E Liquid Brands

Now that you know what your e-liquid contains, you can make a more informed judgment about what base you want to use, what nicotine content is right for you, and what flavors you want to try out. There are literally hundreds of e-liquid brands you can choose from, so make sure you shop around to find the perfect combination of ingredients that is right.

If you are just starting to use e-cigs, it may be a good idea to buy your refills from one of the best e-liquid brands to be sure that you are getting a quality product that will produce quality vapor. V2 makes a great range of refill cartons for its popular e-cigarettes. These are easy for vaping beginners to use, but also create a sensation very like a real cigarette — helpful for those trying to quit tobacco. The V2 refills come in a range of nicotine strengths and ten different flavors, everything from tobacco blends and menthol to coffee and cherry.

Pink Spot is definitely the best e-liquid brand for those vapers with more adventurous taste buds. This brand produces over 100 different e-liquid flavors, specializing in sugary creations such as Strawberry Cheesecake and Gummy Bear. The best e-liquid for those vapers who consider their body to be a temple is Virgin Vapor; their products only use organic ingredients, and come with a 100% vegetable glycerin base. Their products are also free of gluten and nuts — for those with food allergy concerns — and their tobacco e-liquids are flavored by tobacco leaves grown on an organic farm in North Carolina.

Whatever your taste and whatever your needs regarding nicotine content and allergy-free ingredients, there will be an e-liquid brand out there that will tick all your boxes. There are lots of online retail stores that keep stock of a lot of different brands, which makes it much easier to shop around and to find the perfect product for you.

Getting Started With E-cigarettes

If you have recently made the decision that you want to give up smoking, congratulations! Now it is time to consider how you are going to achieve this aim — and turning to electronic cigarettes is one tried and tested method that hundreds of thousands of people have successfully employed all over the world.

Using e-cigarettes, also sometimes known as vaping, gives you the nicotine hit that you need to satisfy your cravings, but have none of the cancer-causing chemicals which are found in tobacco cigarettes. Although you may need to spend a few dollars when you first start vaping, many people have found e-cigarettes to be more economical in the long run than buying packets of cigarettes every week.

Disposable E-cigarettes

Absolute beginners to vaping often find that the disposable e-cigarettes produced by many of the major vaping manufacturers have a very familiar feel, helping them to transition more easily from tobacco to vapor. These disposable e-cigarettes do exactly what you would expect; they have enough liquid and battery power for one use, at which point you simply throw away the device.

As you would expect, this is a more expensive way to enjoy vaping. However, many people who have also moved onto using refillable e-cigarettes and vaporizers have been known to keep the odd packet of disposable e-cigarettes in their bag or pocket in the event that their main device unexpectedly runs out of battery power or fuel while they are out and about.

Refillable E-cigs

Once you have got the hang of vaping through the use of disposable e-cigarettes, the next step is to move onto refillable e-cigarettes. These are more robust — and more expensive devices — that can have their power recharged and can be refilled with new e-liquids. These refills can either be in the form of pre-filled cartons which simply slot into place, or a chamber which you fill yourself with e-liquids. This second option can be a bit messy, until you get the hang of it, but it does give you access to a much wider choice of e-liquids, including different flavors and different strengths of nicotine.

Because these devices can be refilled, recharged and reused, the actual e-cigarettes are usually a bit more expensive, but you may find that you save money in the long-term, particularly if you find special offers on e-liquids, buy them in bulk or track down money off deals, like a Direct Vapor coupon, to get a reduction on your purchase.

Move On to Vaporizers

Vaporizers are a slightly more advanced version of e-cigarettes, perhaps with multiple temperature options or the ability to heat other substances, not just e-liquids. All these devices work in the same way, from disposable e-cigarettes to the larger desktop vaporizers; mains power or a battery powers a heat source, which itself heats and boils the fuel — whether that is e-liquid, oil concentrate or dry herbs — creating a smooth vapor which is inhaled.

If you find that you enjoy vaping with e-cigarettes, then you may want to consider investing in a more advanced vaporizer. These have advantages over simpler designs of e-cigs, allowing for different temperature settings to create a smooth and powerful vapor whatever fuel you are using. The fact that many vaporizers can use different fuels, also gives you access to different flavors and different experiences. Desktop vaporizers, which are less portable but more powerful, are also ideally suited for those who enjoy socializing while vaping, as you can often attach multiple mouthpieces, to allow more than one person to enjoy vaping at the same time.

Vaping starter kits

Whether you are looking to buy a re-useable e-cigarette or a more advanced vaporizer when you get started with vaping, it is well worth shopping around for a starter kit. These will include all the pieces of kit you need to get started — chargers, spare batteries, extra e-liquid cartridges, and bottles, and often a case to help you keep your device looking good. These starter kits are often great value, as it would cost you a lot more to buy all the included items one by one. Find yourself a Direct Vapor coupon for one of the leading online retailers of vaping products and accessories and you can save yourself even more money when you take the plunge and buy your starter kit.

E-cigs and vaporizers have proven to be an excellent way to help people quit smoking; but the technological jargon found on many vaping websites can easily put new vapers off making the switch. Stick to the simple, basic devices when you get started, however, and you will soon find yourself gradually becoming a vaping expert.